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Earth Day Hangover Cures


It’s Friday and just like most people I’m about to meet up with some friends for a drink or many. Before I go though, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had on this gorgeous Earth day as I sit in the park, grateful for the trees that shelter my big old dog from the April heat.

Despite knowing what I know about the effects of more-than-moderate amounts of booze on my system, it still takes a lot for me to turn down a drink. For research purposes only of course, I’ve taken the time over the past several years to test what really works to combat hangovers. Scroll to the bottom to get the low down.

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How a river cuts a rock


What do Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, George Washington, Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley and Will Smith all have in common? 

(no it’s not that they all have male genitalia, but I think that is also correct)

Scientist, Nerd, Activist, Athlete, Politician, Fighter, Musician, Actor – each excelling in completely different domains yet all had the capacity to muster the tenacity to be brilliant, despite poor odds.

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The best decision I’ve ever made

In early 2013, I saw 3 pictures of a husky/collie/mutt named Monte and I fell head over heels in love.

He was 8 hours away and I wasn’t planning to get a dog. The only descriptive info I had was his age – 6 years (though later we discovered he’s probably closer to 8, 9, 10…), so I dusted off the Puppy Plan I wrote up years ago (when I used to frequent as distraction from studying) and gave the SPCA a call. Continue reading

I’ll never buy a gym membership

Over the last week, I’ve taken a different approach to keeping fit: coughing violently and blowing my nose as hard as humanly possible to clear the mucus from my upper respiratory tract. My usual routine of ultimate frisbee, floor hockey and daily walking was disrupted with the onset of a nasty viral infection…yet my core has never felt stronger.

Your body is designed to move. It is not designed to sit, hunched over at a desk for 7+ hours/day. With the advances in technology over the last couple decades, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are seeing increasing rates of disease that is highly preventable with slight changes in lifestyle (namely, exercise). Continue reading

Happy Secret to Better Work

It has come to my attention that a surprising amount of my talented friends, family and patients are unhappy with their chosen career (yes, at some point or another, you chose it).

What’s even more shocking is that they’re okay with that. They accept it as their reality: “I have to work this job because it provides the money I need to live the life I want to live…”

As an ND, I get to see first-hand the direct connection between job satisfaction, happiness and health. Continue reading

How to Feed Yourself

Eating well is vitally important to your overall health – remember, food is your medicine. What you put into your bodies is what fuels your thoughts, feelings and the physical energy to go about your daily lives. Awareness is everything; but it’s hard to be aware when you don’t have trustworthy resources or are bombarded with too many conflicting “facts.” Continue reading

How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a dark, wet, energy-draining weather forecast. In Vancouver, aka RainCity, usually between the months of November and February, this happens a lot. Today seemed especially worse. By the time I left the house for work,  I had a good friend inquire about natural mood lifters for this time of year and another phone call from a girlfriend who mentioned how supremely low she was feeling because of the weather. Continue reading