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3 Ways to Tell if Your Supplements are Garbage


One of the most frustrating things about my job is helping people grasp that, with few exceptions, you pay for what you get when it comes to supplements. Despite growing up on chewable Flintstones multivitamins, I have since gathered loads of evidence that goes against this and similar practices.

I’m with ya, I go nuts over a great deal too. The problem arises when you see just how much money is getting flushed down the drain after being spent on something that won’t get results (plus, lots of people aren’t even sure what results look or feel like).

I applaud folks who do their own research and take health in their own hands; that said, it pains me to hear that they’ve invested in a self-prescribed protocol that’s doomed to fail. The health product industry is expanding every minute and unfortunately, the majority of companies are banking on your lack of knowledge so they can get and stay ahead of their competitors.

The blunt truth is, not all natural medicines are the same. In fact, most of what’s out there is glorified waste, taking up precious space in our overflowing landfills and recycling depots. To cut through all the confusion, today I want to share 3 ways that you can quickly determine the quality of supplements you find online and on the shelf:

  1. Look at the non-medicinal ingredient list:
    • AVOID: hydrogenated oils, artificial colours, sugar (of all types), corn, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy and fillers (which generally appear as long chemical names)
    • NOT-SO-HARMFUL: vegetable grade magnesium stearate (used as a lubricant to keep formulas uniform), vegetable capsule (when possible choose caps over tablets as they are more easily broken down and absorbed)
  2. Check form of vitamin and part used of herbs – this is important! Unless you have been trained in this, it will be hard to tell which is best. Instead, learn what brands you can trust. I’m a fan of CanPrev and Orange Naturals, which is why I’ve been working as a consultant for them since I graduated. There are many others though – feel free to ask in the comments below if you want an opinion on a product or company.
  3. Dosing is critical – how much is in there and how often you take your medicine will affect it’s impact on your health. When it comes to herbs and vitamins this is big! A lot of products have nowhere near the amount needed to have an effect. You could buy the textbooks and study up or, as above, discover which companies have credible practitioners formulating for them and funnel your money to them instead.

Remember, the most expensive supplement is one that doesn’t do anything. With patients who have strong digestive systems and consume clean, real food, supplements are often unnecessary and may actually get in the way of true healing. As with most of this stuff, getting professional guidance can make or break your treatment plan.

Have a look at your medicine cabinet…is it built for health or getting in the way of progress?


Earth Day Hangover Cures


It’s Friday and just like most people I’m about to meet up with some friends for a drink or many. Before I go though, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had on this gorgeous Earth day as I sit in the park, grateful for the trees that shelter my big old dog from the April heat.

Despite knowing what I know about the effects of more-than-moderate amounts of booze on my system, it still takes a lot for me to turn down a drink. For research purposes only of course, I’ve taken the time over the past several years to test what really works to combat hangovers. Scroll to the bottom to get the low down.

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#1 Rule for a Clean(er) Diet – video!


Just like trying to build a house on a poorly built foundation, you’ll have a tough time reaching your health goals if the crap you’re putting in your mouth is void of nutrients…or worse!

Here’s a video that describes the most important thing I’ve ever learned about nutrition and one super easy tool you can start using right away to protect yourself:


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Show love to your biggest organ

The last thing I want to do with this post – and the website as a whole – is make you think what you’re currently doing is wrong. I don’t know about you, but when someone makes me feel bad about the decisions I make, it makes me want to do them even more.

This makes things a little bit difficult in the health world, because it seems sometimes like my job is to tell people to stop doing things that are bad for them and start doing more things that would benefit their health. It’s usually not that straightforward (I do a lot of educating people about why they’re getting symptoms and what could help), but the fact remains that no one likes having their current behaviours judged in a negative way.
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Why you don’t need to shampoo

This guy isn't

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair (I think most curly-haired people do). Over the last several months though, my hair has never been happier, which definitely helps in the self-confidence department.

It wasn’t always so easy to manage. As a child, my hair was pretty straight, with just enough wave that it would turn into a rats nest if it didn’t get brushed…and as the 4th kid born over a 6-year span, it never, ever did. I hated bathing and my siblings still make fun of me for it.
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How to go chemical-free and still smell nice

Want to spend less, save time, protect the environment AND have great skin and hair?

Of course you do.

Have you ever counted how many different chemicals you slather on your face and body in the run of a day? It’s absurd and so strangely normal that we never even think twice about it. I’d like to shed light on why you might care and make some simple suggestions that could make an enormous impact on your quality of life and that of those around you.

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I’ll never buy a gym membership

Over the last week, I’ve taken a different approach to keeping fit: coughing violently and blowing my nose as hard as humanly possible to clear the mucus from my upper respiratory tract. My usual routine of ultimate frisbee, floor hockey and daily walking was disrupted with the onset of a nasty viral infection…yet my core has never felt stronger.

Your body is designed to move. It is not designed to sit, hunched over at a desk for 7+ hours/day. With the advances in technology over the last couple decades, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are seeing increasing rates of disease that is highly preventable with slight changes in lifestyle (namely, exercise). Continue reading

Your Natural Travel Emergency Kit

Nothing kills the mood faster on a romantic getaway or a vacation with friends than a bout of explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting. Jam-packed travel schedules, awkward sleeping arrangements, experimentation with local cuisine and nasty foreign microbes all increase your likelihood of contracting an uncomfortable illness that will surely put a damper on your time away from home.

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, fun and stress-free. The best way to make the most of your epic adventure is to be prepared for the worst and try these natural solutions for healthy travel Continue reading

How to Feed Yourself

Eating well is vitally important to your overall health – remember, food is your medicine. What you put into your bodies is what fuels your thoughts, feelings and the physical energy to go about your daily lives. Awareness is everything; but it’s hard to be aware when you don’t have trustworthy resources or are bombarded with too many conflicting “facts.” Continue reading