Stuff you might not know about me

I recently threw my hat in for the wellness expert host on a new daytime TV show that CBC is set to air this Fall. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut but the application was an exercise in clarity and I thought some of the material might be interesting for people who want to get to know me better.

Tell us about yourself briefly (250 words or less):

I’m a maritimer who loves sports (playing & watching), beer and teaching people about how much fun health can be. Growing up as the youngest of 4 in the middle of the woods taught me the value of family, creativity and nature.

I go crazy for trivia, puzzles, crosswords and astrology – don’t judge ;) I’ve travelled all over Europe, America, New Zealand and look forward to seeing more of the world.

My dream is to make an enormous impact on the way we engage with medicine by blending ancient wisdom with modern technology; then travel around sharing what I’ve learned. I truly believe the key to maintaining overall wellness is having a sex life that is out-of-this-world, which can be achieved through self-awareness, love and resilience. It is my life’s mission to play a role in helping the UN achieve all 17 of their Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

What makes you a wellness expert? (500 words or less)

I pride myself on being one of those people who can’t hear about a problem without tirelessly seeking a solution. It was that curiosity that drove me to earn an undergraduate degree in Science in Kinesiology (including 6 months spent overseas studying the science of exercise in the UK), followed by 4 more years dedicated to the study of Naturopathic Medicine in British Columbia (one of two schools in Canada that offer this competitive program).

Prior to enrolment, I spent one summer interning at the Stan Cassidy Rehabilitation Centre in the Occupational Therapy department, where I assisted patients and ran their Adolescent Independence Program. That experience was incredibly fulfilling and further fuelled my desire to become a healthcare practitioner.

I spent a lot of hours, money and energy to develop a very specific set of skills that allowed me to explore every aspect that relates to human wellness. In 2011, I graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor but it was in the 5 years that followed that my expertise on the subject blossomed. The learning had just begun as it wasn’t until I saw hundreds of patients respond to it that I truly understood the power of this medicine.

Since graduation, my thirst for knowledge hasn’t slowed down. I’ve taken courses in Intravenous Vitamin Therapy, Oncology, Therapeutic Drainage, Cold-Laser Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Healthcare Business and obtained my license to prescribe pharmaceuticals in BC.

Working as a Naturopathic Sales Consultant for an extremely successful Canadian supplement company (CanPrev/Orange Naturals) over the last 4 years has continued to contribute to my ongoing self-study. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed promoting collaboration between health food stores, naturopathic doctors, pharmacists and medical doctors while gaining sales experience, fostering relationships, and keeping up-to-date with the latest research in orthomolecular medicine.

Immediately following graduation, I was offered a lecturing position at my Alma Mater, the Boucher Institute. It was there that I taught Physical Clinical Diagnosis and continued my role as teaching assistant for the Paediatrics and Chiropractic Manipulation programs. This experience led to a promotion to Chair of Clinical Diagnosis in my 2nd year of teaching. My task was to develop a new course and coordinate four instructors  for four classes concurrently, while teaching the Differential Diagnosis portion of the course to 2nd and 3rd year students.

Additionally I spent a little over a year teaching Professional Practice to several groups of holistic nutritionists at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver. We covered Passion, Branding, Authentic Marketing, Networking, Interviewing, Business Plans & Proposals. I absolutely loved this job as I think it’s imperative that practitioner entrepreneurs excel in getting the word out about their discipline’s therapeutic potential.

Beyond my formal training, I’d like to add that I have a keen interest in sexuality and have exhausted countless hours researching and writing about this controversial and intriguing topic as it relates to health and wellness. I’m particularly attracted to gaining a better understanding of desire and how it plays into our daily actions and choices.

What inspires you about wellness & health? (250 words or less)

Everything. I am inspired by how little we know about how our bodies function and interact with our surroundings. I’m endlessly fascinated by the power of the mind – Lissa Rankin’s work on the placebo and nocebo effects is a prime example.

I’m encouraged by how much we have yet to discover about our intimate relationship with nature and that there are more and more people recognizing the interconnectedness that exists. I’m obsessed with native medicines and the idea of going back in order to move forward as a society. I believe indigenous cultures hold truths about how to better interact with ourselves and our environment in order to achieve ideal health and wellness.

What inspires me most is the deep sense of knowing that we have exactly what we need to heal ourselves, if only we learned to listen and properly interpret signals from our mind, body, heart and soul. I’ve learned that the best way to be who you want and have what you want is to recognize that your surroundings are intentional. That you have created them for the sole purpose of directing you to grow and become closer to your highest self.

Recent research out of Harvard has concluded that the number one way to live a happy life is to invest in your relationships. This mirrors my beliefs around the importance of sex and what you can gain by widening your understanding of your sexual self and the clues that your desires can unlock.

When it comes to health & wellness, what are you interested in right now? What trends in your field are you excited about? 250 words or less

  • Innovative health technologies that encourage patient-centred care (wearables, apps)
  • The Human Microbiome.
  • Female Orgasms.
  • Ancient Medicine (Chinese & Ayurveda).
  • Returning to Real Food.
  • Simple, Sustainable Living (ie. DIY Herbal Home & Personal Care Products).
  • Spirituality & Manifestation.
  • Treatment strategies that are outside-the-box (pet & art therapy, marijuana, job/relationship counselling)

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 

The more work you do on yourself, the better practitioner/person you’ll be. – Dr. Gurinder Dayal

If we sat down with your best friend, how would they describe you? 

Outgoing, caring, energetic. Intelligent, charming, thoughtful. Eccentric, bold, athletic. Intuitive, fun-loving, resourceful.

Thanks always for reading! I promise future posts will be less about me and more about giving you helpful information :D