Taryn is warm and approachable, she immediately made me feel at ease. She has taught me the tools to manage my health on my own. I am so grateful for her help and knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone who has concerns to go and spend some time with Taryn.   – Sophie


Not only did Dr. Deane help minimize my pain, but I learned so much about my health overall and how to better take care of myself.  I have never had the experience with any other health care professional that I do with her, where I feel completely cared for and included in the process of my recovery. – Vicki


Taryn’s knowledge and gentle manner have set me on a path to a healthier happier life and she has been so much more than a Naturopath to me, she has counselled me through a difficult period in my life and I now consider her a friend as well. – Sheila


Dr. Deane helped me get my sex-drive kickstarted and I have been IBS free for many months. She is an excellent listener and goes the extra mile to find the treatment that works best for the individual. – Jen


Taryn has been expedient in sourcing treatments to alleviate my symptoms to such a large that I now experience many more much-needed restful nights sleep (which I never thought I would experience again). Taryn has always provided a comfortable, personal yet professional atmosphere and a determination to provide the very best of treatment options. – Graham


Dr. Deane is very attentive, easy to speak with and communicates with positivity. I never feel rushed during a visit and my questions are always answered. Throughout the years, Dr Deane’s naturopathic advice has assisted in improving my health, mentally and physically. Her guidance has motivated and empowered me to take control of my health. – Sukhjit